About William Harper

I sold a Million Dollar Condominium when I was just 22 years old.

And, I was still a rookie realtor.

I believed it was luck.

But, I ended up selling another 3 Million Dollar Real Estate when the market was at it’s lowest.

This time, I knew it can’t be luck.

I analyzed what I was doing.

And, I found that I have been using a very powerful negotiating tactic which was coming to me naturally yet took years for even the veterans to master.

And, I am here to share it all with you.

The more you give, the more you gain. I am a strong believer of that philosophy!

So, let’s give more and take more valuable lessons that this beautiful life has to offer us.

I know you are keen to know what is that 1 negotiating factor which has pulled me through all the years.

It is quite simply, being honest and patient.

And, these are more of values and these values are very rarely found in agents.

Would you refuse your 1st offer after 3 months of marketing because the price doesn’t seem justifiable?


I was literally running on minimum wage yet I refused the offer which could have fetched me a hefty commission.

Why would I do that?


Yes. I was.

But, again – It all comes to honesty and patience.

Deep down, I knew my seller deserved more. And, I could not be selling his Million Dollar property at a low price just so that I can get a quick commission. Instead, I persevered.


I got to sell to the same buyer but at a higher price.

The best part?

The buyer saw my sincerity and wanted me to sell his house.

I got a double-deal sealed!

So, my fellow dear friends – patience is really the key.

When you are patient, you will also incorporate a rare gem of value called – Honesty.

And, these 2 values will catapult you to great heights which will even surprise you one day!

Till Then,
William Harper
Your truly Patient & Honest Realtor.