Wallace Harper’s 1st Post – I’m Excited. Are You?

Hello Everyone,

First & Foremost, I am thrilled to start my very own blog.

I will update you guys on my company’s progress as well as my personal life achievements as we move on.

Most importantly, I will also pass on tips so that you too can sell any upside down houses like us.

As a realtor, the biggest challenge is being given a bad home and asked to fetch a price which is higher than the current market rate.

However, who wants to sell their real estate investment at a loss?

Would you? No Right?

Likewise, our clients would not want to sell their biggest asset at a loss.

It is human’s nature. We got to drill that into our head.

And, that is when we as realtors show our super negotiating skills and fetch them a reasonably good price so that everyone is content.

Do I have your attention now?


I will keep you posted on various tips and real life examples that I am coming across by the day.

Hopefully, as a by-product of my sharing, I will also learn equally good stuff from fellow realtors who are willing to discuss and share their tips with the community.

That’s it, guys!

Catch you on my next post.